Welcome! My name is Niké (pronounced Knee-que). I am Nigerian and I live in the city of Angels. I am passionate about life. I’m a nomadic soul eternally in pursuit of happiness. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog. It is quite an honour to have you here. XO Please feel free to contact me / ask anything, I am an open book.

Anonymous asked: I know this is a weird question and you don't have to answer but how did you get your butt that big? You use to be so skinny.

I prayed for it. 

Anonymous asked: I remember when you first moved to LA and how hard things were for you. You seem to be in a better place now. How did you get through those rough time? I could use some advice. Thank you.

First off, I want to thank you because you remembering that means you are an OG follower. So yea, thanks.. Like everything else I do in my life, moving to LA was so spontaneous. I didn’t give myself a chance to create a plan, to save money, to find a place. I sort of just got up with one bag and 100 bucks and came. The first year was the most trying times of my life. I lived out of that one suitcase, from couches to couches… If there is nothing else I know about myself. I am the most determined soul I’ve ever met. I don’t believe in giving up and I strongly believed as hard things were, it was simply just going to get better. Think of chasing your dreams as college. When you attend college you work hard for 4 years before you get your degree. In essence you pay your dues. Same with moving to a big city or anything in life for that matter. You have to pay your dues.. You have to give it your all with the mindset that you aren’t going to see results immediately but at one point you will. I cried a lot. Cursed at the wind.. Begged to go back home and prayed. My God, I prayed. I also ate a lot (Food is the best) I got “this too shall pass” tatted on me (Impermanence) and I also remember playing this song “I didn’t know my own strength” by Whitney Houston repeatedly but more than anything “Compartmentalization” and “gratitude” saved my life because there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Your mindset is half the battle. Good luck and stay blessed.

mrdannyfactz asked: You're amazing

Awww.. Shucks. What a great message to wake up to in the morning. Thank you very much. You are kind :) 

(Source: specsandblazers)

(Source: specsandblazers)

(Source: specsandblazers)

Anonymous asked: Where in Europe would you live?

Italy! Venice to be exact but considering its slowly sinking.. I’ll have to say Florence.. Italy, My heart belongs in Europe… 


Every now and again, I tell myself its time to move to Europe. Like, just pack one bag, book a one way ticket and move and then I talk myself out of it. Today more than ever, I want to make this come true. I just think its time. I just always imagine living in a city where no one knows my name, no one knows my story. Somewhere I can start all over and be free.. I’m ready to relocate. This weekend has been emotionally & spiritually taxing.

Anonymous asked: Do you mind if I ask, What's your skin care routine?

I don’t particularly have one. I shower daily and I use baby Cocoa butter. 

Anonymous asked: Marry me?

Can you afford my bride prize?